Photo of Jerrett and Jordan Dahl carving eagle

Jarrett and Jordan Dahl grew up in Dawson, MN and enjoyed all the pleasures of living in the country. As children, they climbed trees, played ball, fished the lakes, and annoyed their three sisters. When summer came, dad, mom, and the five kids headed cross country for family vacation filled with serious adventure and learning. History, geography, and culture took on real meaning as they journeyed through almost every state.

Jarrett, at the age of 18, and his younger brother Jordan, discovered their chainsaw talent in the summer of 2004, while visiting Alaska. Scott Hanson, a successful chainsaw artist, gave Jarrett a carving lesson on his 2nd day in Alaska, and by the end of the day, he had carved seven stump bears and they sold quickly. He continued to carve, mostly bears and eagles, under the apprenticeship of Hanson. That same summer, 16-year-old Jordan, visited Alaska, picked up a chainsaw and carved a stump bear. Ever since, Jarrett and Jordan have passionately pursued chainsaw carving and have honed their skills beyond their wildest expectations. Jarrett and Jordan returned to Alaska for two more summers of carving.

Fourteen years later, the Dahl brothers have become award winners and known for their chainsaw carvings internationally. The brothers have developed their craft into a successful career; originally, setting up shop in Keystone, SD just two miles from Mount Rushmore. The two have expanded their business to Hill City, SD and Deadwood, SD. You can find their pieces all over the United States and have become a must-see tourist attraction. They each have developed their own styles as they both have focused on their own personal skills, which gives them together a real sense of uniqueness.