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Jarrett Dahl

Jordan Dahl

For over a decade, the Dahl brothers have been carving a name for themselves in the world of chainsaw art.

Jarrett and Jordan Dahl are award-winning, internationally recognized chainsaw artists who use the backdrop of the beautiful Black Hills to create their chainsaw carvings. These original pieces of chainsaw art are completed from Black Hills (ponderosa) pine and other local woods, which adds to their uniqueness. No piece of art is identical to the other and each brother has their own style.

Subjects can vary from Bigfoot to the famous Freedom Eagles, custom pieces, and even a 36,000-pound archway. The Dahl brothers have come to be known as the Carvers of the Hills, and you can check out the gallery of the art pieces here. If you’re interested in custom or on-site chainsaw carvings, feel free to contact either Jarrett or Jordan and they’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

If you’re looking to check out one of the three Dahl’s Chainsaw Art galleries, you can find their locations here.